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    • Carbon black plant for sale


      Carbon black, is a light, loose, fine black powder. Carbon black is mainly used in the manufacture of ink, paint, dyes, electricity, gas and other industries.....

    • Significance of using various carbon black inspection indicators


      1. Impurities (If the single item is unqualified, it can be judged as unqualified)
      The impurities of carbon black are generally measured through different siev....

    • Application of carbon black in coatings


      Used in cars
      When people look at the appearance of a car, the car finish gives a sense of beauty. Automotive topcoats are used to provide protection and the loo....

    • what is the difference between "carbon black + tires" and "white carbon black + tires"?


      In recent years, the growth in demand for green tires and silicone rubber, as well as the increasing capacity of tire manufacturers, have brought continued gro....

    • Explosive dust-carbon black powder


      All explosive dusts are flammable; but not all combustible dusts can explode. Carbon black is flammable and can explode.
      The minimum explosive concentration (M....

    • Further treatment for pigment carbon black


      Pigment carbon black generally can better color plastics, and the choice of coloring carbon black is basically determined by the blackness that must be achieve....

    • How to process wasted tyres


      As the number of cars has increased, the number of used tires has increased. There are data showing that the world produces 35 million tons of waste tires per....

    • Carbon black or black carbon


      Carbon black is neither soot nor black carbon. "Soot" and "black carbon" are not found in fires and carbon-containing fuels (such as waste oil, fuel oil, gasol....

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